About Unit

The e-learning and development unit at Shatt Al-Arab University College is the unit responsible for the electronic services and programs in the college, managing the e-learning platforms in the college, and on the other hand, the establishment of electronic courses and workshops, as well as its organizers for the various departments.


The vision of the Development and E-Learning Unit Helping scientific departments and administrative units in using the latest available technologies and educational and academic systems.


1. Developing and transforming work based on digital systems.

2. Assisting scientific departments in managing educational systems.

3. Managing the college studio and contributing to the recording of lectures and holding electronic seminars and workshops.

4. Teaching the teaching and professional staff, as well as the students, to use the academic platforms.


The e-Learning and Development Unit was formed according to the administrative order numbered on a date, which is concerned with providing academic electronic services to faculty members, students and employees and assisting them in educational courses, seminars and other activities provided electronically.

Contribute to the development of digital systems in the college.

Providing academic regulations for the departments.

Contribute to the development of staff in the digital transformation.

Providing faculty members with electronic programs that contribute to adding interaction to lectures, seminars and electronic workshops.


Personal Information:

CV of the Director of the Development and E-Learning Unit