The Deputy Dean for Administrative Affairs


The Deputy Dean for Administrative Affairs undertakes the following duties:


1- Supervizing and directing the daily work of the administrative and technical staff in all the College sections and units in accordance with the work requirements.


2- Issuing orders for appointment, daily duties arrangement, retirement and resignation, except for the implementation of the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. 550 of 1989.


3- Approving the leaves presented by technicians, administrative staff and those working according to contracts.


4- Approving the promotion of the administrative staff and technicians working in the College.


5- Approving any extra hours needed to complete certain duties after working hours in case this is found necessary.


6- Considering and approving medical reports issued from inside and outside Iraq for the administrative staff  of the College, provided that these reports meet the provisions contained in the sick leave law No. 76 of 1959 and its amendments.


7- Granting letters of thanks and appreciation to the administrative staff and technicians according to the regulations in force.


8- Undertaking the transfer of the administrative staff of the College to various departments, sections and units of the College.


9- Issuing orders related to ordinary leaves, summer vacation, and remunerations for College employees  retired on pension.


10- Signing forms of annual bonuses and promotions for administrative and technical staff.


11- Granting maternity leaves for College woman employees in accordance with the laws and instructions in force.


Personal Information:

Biography of the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs