A scientific symposium in the Department of Computer Science on the future of artificial intelligence

On Thursday evening, corresponding to 4/6/2023, the Computer Science Department - Shatt Al-Arab University College held an electronic scientific symposium entitled (The Future of Artificial Intelligence), which was delivered by Assistant Lecturer, Dr. Assistant Professor Dr. Haider Nasser Khraibet, department professors and second-year students.
The aim of the symposium is to raise the cultural level of students of the second stage in the Department of Computer Science. Where the beginnings of artificial intelligence since the last century were addressed, leading to the invention of neural networks, then their development towards deep learning, and discussing applications based on current artificial intelligence such as chat gpt, midjurny, and others.
The lecture delivered by the lecturer was enriched with many interventions by the attendees, and the most important interventions were from the head of the Department of Computer Science and the scientific assistant, as well as the director of the Department of Continuing Learning in the college with a number of students.